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by Laura Hillhouse, on March 25, 2019

In many evolving industries you will often hear the phrase “but that’s what we’ve always done” in response to why businesses operate in the way that they do. There’s nothing …

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by Laura Hillhouse, on March 18, 2019

When was the last time you checked your mobile phone or opened an app? For most, it will have been within the last hour or the last few minutes. You …

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by Andrew Duncan, on March 12, 2019

On Saturday 9th April 2019, I joined a panel at ABCUL's Annual AGM & Conference in Manchester. The plenary session, hosted by Liz Barclay, was all about fintech for credit …

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by Laura Hillhouse, on March 11, 2019

Back in December, we decided that since 2019 was going to be a big year for Soar, that we would change our look to reflect our exciting evolution. We are …

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