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by Laura Hillhouse, on November 27, 2019

Most organisations like to send their customers or members an update at least once a month to let them know what’s going on and to share their good news. Whether …

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Topics:credit unionsmarketing

by Laura Hillhouse, on November 26, 2019

Since entering the credit union market in 2017, Soar has come to fully understand the importance of compliance and keeping up with regulations. We also know how hard it can …

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Topics:credit unionscompliance

by Laura Hillhouse, on November 25, 2019

Soar’s technology is not only designed with the experience of our credit union customers in mind but also their end-member experience too. We spoke with our Digital Designer who has …

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Topics:native appsmobile appsmarketingdigitaldesign

by Laura Hillhouse, on November 25, 2019

Marketing is no new concept but how we use it to our advantage is ever-changing. It can change from year to year, or even day to day depending on what …

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Topics:FinTechcredit unionsmarketingdigital

by Laura Hillhouse, on November 19, 2019

Credit unions are doing more and more to connect with their members and give them what they need and want online. One of the things they are doing is offering …

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Topics:credit unionsdigital

by Laura Hillhouse, on November 14, 2019

A lot has happened for Soar in 2019 but one of the big things we launched this year was Credit Union Connect. We launched in February with an event which …

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by Laura Hillhouse, on November 5, 2019

Soar is lucky enough to have not just one but two amazing Soar women as finalists in this year’s Business Women Scotland Awards! Both our Chief Product Officer and Marketing …

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by Laura Hillhouse, on November 4, 2019

At Soar, we know that a huge part of choosing a supplier is considering how much you can trust them with your security. This is why we decided that Soar …

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