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How to rethink your social strategy during stressful periods

by Laura Hillhouse, on April 6, 2020

A lot has changed in the last few weeks and this has forced organisations to adapt in more ways than one. As social distancing has become mandatory many organisations are now working remotely and others are making adjustments to their workplaces. Some have even had to cease operating entirely. Of those who are still operational, a complete rework in how they interact with their online followings has had to be done.

The main focus in the news has been Covid-19 and social media is no different. Lots of organisations have been sharing updates and important information about the coronavirus. For most organisations across the country, and across the world, this pandemic has caused a major shift in their 2020 marketing strategies as well as their social media plans.

Now is the time for credit unions and other affordable credit providers to show themselves as the trusted and helpful resource that they are, not only for their customers but their entire communities. To do this, you will need to rethink your strategies for the moment. Below are some ways you can think about reworking your plans for the time being.

Post Consistently

Now is the best time for your followers to see more posts from you. Lots of people will be looking for help and advice and seeing your posts might be just what they need. Every organisations schedule is different, but you should now think about doing what you can to put a consistent posting schedule in place. If you already have one, then you’re already half way there and just need to update your content. This is vital as organisations such as banks, credit unions and CDFI’s are deemed essential businesses, so you need to reassure people you are there to support their needs.

Share what you’re doing to help

Now is a time to pause your normal scheduled posts and focus on how you can help people in this moment. Tell your followers how you can help them through this crisis. You can post about things like this:

  • What the changes are that you’ve made to accommodate not being able to open your branches. Do you have any opening time changes or online changes?
  • Let customers know your services are still acting as normal online if they are. For example, you are still accepting loan applications.
  • Instruct customers on how they can continue to access your services online.
  • Share anything else you’re doing in the community. For example, are you donating to local food banks or leading any other initiatives?

Don’t feel too restricted on what you can post

So much content is being posted across social media about Covid-19. You can consider posting some other content such as motivational posts or light-hearted content around your team. As important as it is to share content about the current situation, people still like to see a little normality in their feed, and you have a great platform to lift your customers up.

The way to be successful at rethinking your strategy is showing that you still have your sense of community even though most of your services are now online. This will also make customers more confident about using your digital services in the future too. Remaining connected with your customers online is more important than ever, and you have a great opportunity to do this by re-thinking your social media strategy and finding new ways to reach them.

If you need any help with your social media strategy at this time, the Soar marketing team would be more than happy to help. Get in touch with us, here.

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