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Our innovative technology solution for credit unions

by Laura Hillhouse, on January 10, 2020

2020 brings a fresh new decade that many are embracing as a way to grow and evolve and what we’re going to see is even more involvement in technology and customer experience.

We have already seen the creation and rise of mobile and web apps this past decade, voice-controlled devices and ever evolving smartphones. These developments in technology mean that many aspects of everyone’s daily lives are online. We can check our train times online, turn our lights on before we get home and even check who is at our front door through smart doorbell apps. All of this emphasises the fact that the need for technology is only going to grow and we need to embrace it.

New entrants to the banking market are ensuring that they are challenging what traditional banks were originally offering. Challenger banks such as Monzo and Starling Bank are revolutionising the banking industry and are offering their complete banking experience online and without the need for in-person interactions. And while many people do still value that fact-to-face service, we can’t ignore the fact that there is essentially an entire generation that want to do everything online.

At Soar, we’ve been working hard to cater to the needs of credit unions. We were formed with a vision to provide ethical financial organisations with the technology that they need to to attract an entirely new generation of members while serving their current membership effectively and efficiently. So, what is it that we offer credit unions that can help them evolve their offering to include the use of technology?

A Mobile App, Internet Banking Platform and an Advisor Hub

Soar has developed a mobile app and internet banking platform that allows members to use your credit union digitally. Accessible through a web browser and on iOS and Android devices, our technology caters to everyone in the digital age. Members can manage their money, communicate with your credit union and very soon they will be able to apply for all loans through the mobile app and banking platform. Our advisor hub also allows for your credit union staff to manage members details and their accounts. See your members’ transactions, change their details and add funds or do withdrawals on their behalf. Our technology makes sure you can manage everything all in the one place and we can connect to your current back office system so that all of your data is fed back quickly and accurately.

We’re continuing to develop our technology every day to ensure our customers are always up to date and working with the best tech. We know this is important to you as well as your members who will be using it to manage their finances. We offer free demos to any credit union who is interested in looking at our technology whether you only want to look at our mobile app or our internet banking platform, we’ll cater to the needs of your organisation.

Drop us an email at and take a closer look.

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