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The importance of having a digital strategy

by Laura Hillhouse, on April 9, 2020

A digital strategy outlines how you are going to meet your goals online. In the current climate, those who already have a digital strategy in place are probably feeling the benefits. Traditional marketing efforts are still good but digital strategies will help you to succeed with your wider customer base. In times like this, it’s important to be online but at the same time, you need to have a strategy that works for you. You can refresh or plan your digital strategy by auditing what you’re currently doing. There’s no rulebook to a digital strategy as there’s not a one size fits all. You have to do what’s right for you and your organisation. Whatever way you choose to move forward, it’s important to have a digital strategy in place. Here’s some important reasons that you need to have one:

You’ll be more accessible

One of the first steps to being successful with your desired audience is to be accessible in a digital capacity. The majority of people are constantly connected via some sort of device. This is why it’s important for your customers to either be able to find you or access your services online. You have many options when it comes to being online. It could be a website, web app, mobile app, social media page, etc. As long as you have some sort of online presence, you’re well on your way to becoming a digital success.

Show your difference

Being online will allow you to show the edge you have over your competitors. It might be that not all of your competitors are using digital means, or it could be a way for you to do things differently. This has the ability to give you an advantage over others in the market. Plan and strategise based on your business needs and the wider market. Do some market research and competitor analysis; this will show you how to stand out from the crowd.

Share your message

There’s no better way to show you who you are than online. It’s easy to show your brand, your message and what you can do for your audience. This can be through your website and your social media pages all the way through to your email campaigns. As long as you’re consistent with your messaging across all of your digital channels, your customers will quickly learn exactly who you are.

It can save your organisation money

Traditional marketing methods will still be important for some areas of your strategy. However, going digital will allow you to save costs on this. For example, instead of paying for the cost of printing flyers for an event you can promote this online via email campaigns, your social media channels and notifications on your mobile app. When outlining your digital strategy think about how you can use it to replace some of your traditional marketing activities.

When increasing your digital activities, you should go at your own pace, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Think about the reasons why you want to go digital and this can be the basis of your digital strategy. Whatever way you choose to execute your plan, know that increasing your digital means is going to help improve your processes and help your customers ever more. 

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