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We’re part of the EiE 2020 cohort – what does this mean for Soar?

by Laura Hillhouse, on February 10, 2020

You might have seen from our social media channels that we were recently announced as one of a group of companies selected to be part of this year’s EiE 2020 cohort. We’re very excited about the opportunity this brings for us as a company and we want to share with you some more about what being part of EiE means for Soar.

EiE is an event that takes place in Edinburgh which connects investors and high growth tech ventures together. This event has been running since 2008 and offers a full programme of events for several weeks prior to the main event for the full cohort too, which is kindly organised by Informatics Ventures. So, even before we get to appear in front of investors, we get access to helpful knowledge, advice and training opportunities such as pitching workshops and coaching sessions. This is beneficial, especially for our CEO who is getting ready to pitch Soar to the investors in April!

The main benefit to us being a part of this year’s cohort is that we get to pitch and meet a group of investors that will hopefully provide us with opportunities to continue to develop our technology even further. Investment would help Soar to scale our business and do even more with our technology for the ethical finance sector. We’re working hard to create solutions that makes access to affordable credit easier for everyone in society; gaining investment will mean we can do even more!

We’ll be sharing more about EiE 2020 in April so keep an eye out for more updates from us.

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